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EROCx1 has been in the mix since 1992, the early days of the Los Angeles underground scene. For over the past two decades his style evolved from Hip Hop, Old School & Break Dancing music to Techno, House, Gabber, Trance, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Dirty Dutch, Trap but is best known for his Ambient and experimental psychedelic music. He produced the first of its kind album called Kykeon: Music to accompany the entheogenic experience which became a classic for psychonauts around the world. With only 1,500 copies pressed, it is very rare and highly sought out. He plays live events in Las Vegas, NV and hosts 'Gaian Frequency' on Spirit Plants radio, blogs and host Gaian Botanicals & the Psychedelic Salon group on Facebook.


EROCx1 has been creating, mixing & remixing shamanic and dance music since 1992. One of the original ambient artist in the early days of the Southern California rave scene. He is best known for incorporating intellegence increasing memes into his music, playing hard shamanic dance, remixes & mashups. 

EROCx1 also has been playing cutting edge electronic dance music at raves, night clubs, undergrounds and festivals for over 20 years. He has remixed works for Terence McKenna, Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson and many other psychedelic visionarys of our time.


'Gaian Frequency' with EROCx1 on Sprit Plants radio features many genres of psychedelic music, from chilled out Ambient to High Energy Dance Music. SpiritPlants Radio is an online 24/7 psychedelic radio station that has been on the air since 2003 featuring a unqiue varity of musical programming, including rock, electronica, jazz, &  classical and also air news programs, comedians, and lectures by such great thinkers as Terence McKenna, Alan Watts, Timothy Leary, and Robert Anton Wilson. Gaian Frequency is the newest addition  with the first episode scheduled to air over the weekend of March 22-23, 2014!


EROCx1 was one of the first visual artist to incorproate live computer graphics and LCD projection at raves, music festivals, undergrounds and other events. He has created many flyers, album covers and other graphic art over the years. He has also programmed intelligent lighting, LED displays, Laser projections, and Virtual Reality envioroments. EROCx1 also creates unique jewelry. A portfolio will be added to this site in the near future.

Interested in hiring EROCx1 for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​
Artist/Band Review: EROCx1 | Kykeon

Today is about a magnificent musically artistic humanoid that goes by EROCx1. The album titled Kykeon is one that can stimulate the mind with its beautifully relaxing melodies, rhythms, grooves, and sampling choices. It may even teach you a few things with the vocal samples or inspire some thought provoking ideas; some of the voices being Terence McKenna and Timothy Leary. Enlightenment feels strange. Sally Dcan, and will, uncover enlightening moments to you if in the proper, and extremely crucial, set & setting. This album is also referred to by some as “Entheogenic” music. “Entheogenic” music has a different essence to it than the average “meditation” music can offer. It stimulates thoughts regarding your inner nature in a reflective way and gives information on plants, fungus, and other things that expand the mind via material substances, which is never a bad thing in my opinion. Thinking is a good thing when you live in a “civilized society” because survival depends on it. If the society was aware of their feelings more than their thoughts, then life would be quite different than we perceive it to be; but that’s a whole different thought to discuss by itself.

Track Listing:
  1. Welcome to Eleusis

  2. You are the Buddha

  3. Binaural Brain Activation

  4. Binaural Nature

  5. Animal Spirit

  6. The Experience

  7. Awaken

  8. Reality is an Opinion


Running time: 1 hour


"Welcome to Eleusis” is by far my favorite track on the album; simply because the female’s vocal projection gives me chills every single time I listen to it. I am in love with her voice and vocal projection. I want it all over me. Then about half way into the track a percussive groove s right in. The snare drum was a little obnoxious to me at first, but then I grew to love it because of its powerful sound; it had a message all on its own. This track itself is worth the whole album to me. Thank you EROCx1.“You are the Buddha” is a track that, to the untrained ear, seamlessly flows from the first track. It has wonderful bells/chimes to accompany the nylon string-sounding guitar plucks and binaural-sounding synths panning left and right. A flute-like instrument, which sounds like an Earthly woodwind gave me a wonderfully relaxing feeling; it had dynamics to the playing and wasting just mechanically all at the same volume. “Go back down the ladder of genetic memory…” is a quote used in it which I loved. Genetics; evolution is a fact, and a wonderful fact it is to understand when observing nature’s beauty.“Binaural Brain Activation” flows into from the previous track, which EROCx1 does very nicely I’ve noticed throughout Kykeon, and the synths used gave me a very heavy wave of inspiring emotion. Powerful synth sounds; I enjoy them. A nice, long, 11:11 length track which can induce a trance all by itself while meditating – it has entranced me once to the point where I forgot where I was after a meditation session when opening my eyes. It was strange, I admit it.“Binaural Nature” is the next track which flows in nicely. The wooden flute-like wind instrument comes back in with wonderfully mallet-rolled cymbal playing, splashing the cymbal essence into the mix. Uplifting synths once again. The quote regarding the laws of nature evolving was extremely thought provoking and I think the idea of adding that was amazing to the essence and vibe. Nicely done.“Animal Spirit” comes in with a didgeridoo; what an awesome instrument! I can’t play this damn thing, but the people who can do circular breathing technique baffle my mind. I still can’t understand how one can breathe out and in and the same time. This track is a neurological intercourse experience on its own just because of the didgeridoo sounds. It ends off with a piano riff that leads into the next track; simple, but works because excessive playing would destroy the relaxing, mellow vibe.“The Experience” starts off with an audio clip quote over atmospheric synths. Anything Terence McKennasays, even if you’re sober, puts you into a psychological trip. He describes the psychedelic experience very vividly in many of his lectures. “…Self-dribbling basketballs…” McKenna says, and it makes me laugh every time. “Don’t abandon yourself to amazement…” is a key line to his talk during this track.“Awaken” flows in with something that I can only describe as an oceanic-like synth sound. To me, it sounds like animals in the ocean singing or communicating with each other.“Reality is an Opinion” says enough just from the title. It does have a nice, tight beat during it, which all groove-oriented drummers would appreciate. Timothy Leary is sampled with a quote during this track; and well sampled indeed.Overall, I would, and have, suggested this album to numerous people already. If you’re someone who is interested in mind expansion and is looking for a way to musically guide your journey in the life for an hour (or more), then this is an album to get. Kykeon; it’s dope. I’ve enjoyed it numerous times already.If you’re interested in the depths and strangeness of this Universe, visit for a possibility to expand your conscious awareness and visions into self-exploration. Feel free to tell them that “boomlucid” or Anthony Michael Angelo sent you; they may or may not know who you’re talking about, but it’s all good either way.Now I feel like meditating.


Review by AMA

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