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EROCx1 'Gaian Frequency'

Born in Los Angeles, California in the 70’s, as new urban art forms began emerging. Breaking, Rap, Grafitti, HipHop and the one that captured his interest, the DJ. He picked up some used Technics 1200’s & Numark mixer, then kicked off a vinyl collection with Run DMC, Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh, Biz Markie, Whodini, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Beastie Boys, some Sould Funky 70's. In 1992 EROCx1 was the founding member of CyberlabZ International. The Southern California multimedia collective that produced not only music, but specialized in live visuals, intelligent lighting, laser projections, virtual reality attractions and much more. Some of the most memorable Concerts, Festivals, Raves, Events and other Underground gatherings were K-Rave, Def American World Cup Jam, Narnia, Circa, Future World, Big Wig Thumper. He was a regular at the original underground Insomniac and FAMILY Afterhours and usually started the weekend working at Club Time inside the artist formerly known as Prince’s nightclub. His passion was hardcore early 90’s techno, Trance, Breaks & Gabber, uplifting House and of course very stellar ambient rooms. After Alien Dream time where he met Terence McKenna he began his study of the evolution and culture of the dance community, along with the shamanic origins long before it. Over the years he has participated in gatherings, workshops, retreats, read and listened to the works of Dr. Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna, Dennis McKenna, Albert Hofmann, Richard Evans Schultes, Baba Ram Dass, R. Gordon Wasson, Ralph Metzner, Sasha & Ann Shulgin, Dale Pendell, Christian Rätsch, Jonathan Ott, Robert Anton Wilson, Carl A. P. Ruck, Ralph Abraham, Rupert Sheldrake, Myron Stolaroff, Danny Staples, Stanislav Grof, Peter Stafford, Bruce Eisner, Rick Strassmen, D.M. Turner, Kathleen Harrison and many more extraordinary free thinkers and luminaries of our time. Currently EROCx1 plays nightclub and underground events in Las Vegas, NV and hosts 'Gaian Frequency' worldwide on Spirit Plant Radio.

SpiritPlants Radio is on the air 24/7! And now for 10 years and counting!


Timothy Leary's Prophecy: "Now we have digital communication. We can create our fantasies. We can create our rhythms, design on screen. A new language will develop, a global language, not based on letters, not based on grammars, the language which we all understand, based on clusters of waves of light and sound. We all understand. We all celebrate. We all glory in the light, the illumination, the contact, the intersection, the interaction from around the world, the language of form. We will create a language of international, global brain linkup. Anyone in any culture watching this screen will get the general picture. It's one global village. It's one global human spirit, one global human race. As we link up through screens, linked by electrons and photons, we will create for the first time a global humanity, not separated by words or minds or nationalities or religious biases. Now listen to The Message from The Sponsor: 'There is one, global human race.' We're just now learning to communicate brain to brain, soul to soul." ~From How to Operate Your Brain (1992)

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